1. System improving mortgage business efficiency for financial institution
  2. Application improving mortgage business efficiency for real estate company
  3. Application offering the best mortgage for consumer


The iYell Mortgage Platform consists of three pillars, "Media" that can be used for marketing, "Technology" to make the procedure more efficient, to provide a remote support, to forecast interest rate etc, "Professional team" which is a face-to-face consultation with the consumer and performs the examination procedure.

Consumer can get the optimum mortgage by utilizing the iYell Mortgage Platform.

In addition, this platform is open for use by various companies.

It is possible for financial institutions offering mortgage loans and real estate companies mediating real estate trading to utilize our platform for efficiency of existing business, as well as real estate portal industry, wedding industry, home electronics industry, media industry etc. which have clients with housing needs can provide mortgage service to their clients immediately without mortgage know-how if they utilize our platform.



Mistuhiro Kubota
President and CEO

Mitsuhiro Kubota was the youngest executive officer and led several projects to success as the leader at a major financial group subsidiary. He is a very passionate team-player.

2007 Graduated from school of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University
2007 Joined ARUHI Corporation(formaly SBI Mortgage of SBI Hodings Inc,.)
2010 Manager of Koshigaya service office as the juniror member
2012 General manager of credit management department honored for making a reduction of 50 percent on delay of the mortgage by Japan Housing Finance Agency
2012 Master of Business Administration(MBA), SBI Graduate School
2014 Executive officer as junior member
General manager of the division from mortgage origination to sales and screening
2015 Person-in-charge of Compliance Division to supervisory authorities
2016 Established The iYell Co,. Ltd
President and CEO(until present)


Company name The iYell Co., Ltd
Office Head office
Shibuya-Center-Place-5F,1-16-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo #1500043

Saitama office
SudoBuilding-4F,1-19-10,Minami Koshigaya,Koshigaya-shi,Saitama #3430845
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Tochigi office
Grandycort Motoimaizumi202,4-8-19,Motoimaizumi,Utsunomiya-shi,Tochigi #3210954
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Osaka office
Osaka ekimae 4Building-7F-22,1-11-4-700,Umeda, Kita-ku, OsakaCity, Osaka #5300001
President and CEO Mitsuhiro Kubota
Established May 12th, 2016
Paid-in capital

6.57 billion yen

Associated companey The Mortgage Desk Co,. Ltd.